Things Need to be Prepared Before Doing Vacation in Singapore

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Have you ever felt like doing something all of sudden? For instance, out of nowhere, you just want an impromptu trip to Singapore to escape from the reality for a while. I know it was impossible to do back then. However, it’s a different thing these days. Nowadays, within one click away, we can book any hotel in Singapore and do a staycation without any hassle. Let me tell you a story about my impromptu staycation lately. As you know, working from home can be a little stressful and uninteresting even though we practically cannot go to the office due to the pandemic that still happens around the world. However, it kills our creativity for creative people. Thus, I didn’t think twice and immediately chose a hotel online for my staycation in Singapore. Staycation was doing well through online booking in Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp, Gosh! I thank those who invented this platform. What I like about this online booking is; we can choose a hotel, then the city, check-in time, and the duration of our stays. Well, I absolutely had that 2 nights for the sake of mental health. Furthermore, after choosing the hotel and time that I wanted, we can proceed to the payment, and voila! You are ready to go.

Find Hotels Offer Excellent Public Facility 

If you happen to be looking for a hotel around Singapore, make sure to get a hotel with clean recommendations, especially during this period. We don’t want to threaten your health by staying in hotels not following health protocols. But, you don’t need to worry about it, because every hotel listed in Traveloka is clean and recommended. Surely, it will make your vacation experience more comfortable. 

Staycation As Local People, Why Not?

We all know that people in the city are slowing down during this situation and embracing new ways of holiday that they may have never previously considered, which is a staycation. While many of us favor an experience of exploring foreign countries, however, we can also find unique history, culture, and natural beauty right on our doorstep. Plus, less time spent on air travel means more time to be spent enjoying the holiday itself, right? While we believe that international travel will bounce back, the rising popularity of staycation will only increase.