These jobs pay well but require no qualification

In preparing for performing well in the job market, candidates in South Africa are hard-pressed to upskill themselves.

This is because skills equal security and a higher salary in a talent-short market, recent research by Adzuna shows. The most sought after skills are programming/development, engineering and financial expertise, however this does not mean that to earn a good salary, one has to pursue one of these careers. Or, in fact, study any tertiary qualification at all, it would seem.

So, as per the research, demand for vacancies was estimated and cross-referenced with those jobs which did not require a qualification, then they were ranked by their salaries. Here are a few jobs that require little to no qualifications (although experience was not taken into account).

Even without a psychology degree, you’re able to start coaching anytime and no qualification at all is necessary. You can charge a pretty good hourly rate from day one. Obtaining new clients will be a challenge, however you can make a name for yourself in this field with dedication to the art of coaching. At the same time, coaching is not for everyone – you will need oodles of patience, lots of experience in some or other field and preferably qualify over time with some or other recognised certification in the field.

Digital marketing options
Many companies value a Google Analytics Individual Certification and some campaign experience. With experience or a certificate from a digital training college like only, many women have soared into senior roles at digital agencies. Both title and salary have been high, up to R720,000 per annum.

Women doing well in SA are often entrepreneurs who have earned great money with no qualifications at all, by starting a small business and growing it, often without ever having to employ a single staff member. An example is those who run online jewellery or clothing e-commerce websites, or massage and therapy salons. That said, running your own business or revenue stream in general is tough.

Waitering and certain hospitality positions
Expensive restaurants will employ presentable, polite and service-orientated people. If you are one, it does not matter what qualifications you do or don’t have, you’re hired! Experience does count, but after securing a job at a top restaurant, the tips alone can total R40,000 a month. The hours can be hairy and hospitality is not always what it is promised to be, but many a UNISA graduate has waited their way to success.

Air host/hostess
All the big airlines are constantly on the lookout for new air hosts and hostesses, as the turnover is high in that field. And once again, you do not need any qualification prior to their training. Some airlines do ask that you have completed your high school diploma, however. While you may travel all over the world and earn well, you may not enjoy being on long shifts and not being able to put down roots in a specific place.

This list by no means says that the careers above are earning more than they should. And of course, exceptions aside, not only does a lack of qualification definitely not ensure success, but when one looks at the experience needed for some of the above-mentioned skills, possibly they will not pay such high salaries right away. However, it’s good to know that if having completed qualifications isn’t on your CV, you still have ample opportunity to make good money in today’s economy.

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