The Ultimate Pregnancy Must-Have to End Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain is a very embarrassing thing that occurs during pregnancy. If you have ever been pregnant, you know the story. However, belly bands or belts work like a blessing when it comes to supporting your abdomen and lower back during pregnancy. There are very flexible, designed to work on the service of pregnant women. Hence, it can be considered as a must-have to end the back pain during pregnancy. These bands can help pregnant women in many ways to end back pain. 

Decreased Pain

Back pain is very disturbing as it stops us from participating in everyday activities. Most of the pregnant women have to go through this during pregnancy. A belly belt or a band comes in handy as it supports the baby’s lump and lower back while performing activities. As a result, there is a decreased pain on your back overall. 

  • Sacroiliac Joint Pain: The increase of relaxin hormone causes SI joint pain as it loosens the hip joints. Belly belts can stabilize the joint by supporting the region and lessen the pain while participating in activities. 
  • Round Ligament Pain: You can face this symptom while you are going through the second trimester. It’s dull to a sharp pain that takes place below the belly and hip front. Increased weight is the reason for this pain. Belly bands help convey the heaviness of the child over the back and guts, diminishes the pain by relieving the hassle on the ligaments. 

Gentle Compression

A belly belt from an exclusive company such as Halo Health can help you to support your uterus (halo health decompression belt available here). It allows you to perform your everyday physical activity with ease. Remember, you shouldn’t put too much compression on the abdomen because it leaves a chance of negative effects on your blood pressure. It can also lead you yo indigestion and heartburn. 

Perform Daily Activities with Ease

Exercising while you are pregnant will provide you with a lot of positive health benefits. It will increase your endurance and tone, besides it diminishes your diabetes, hypertension, and depression. Due to discomfort or pain, many pregnant women don’t feel like to perform any exercises. This is where a belly band can come in handy. When you wear a belly band, it will decrease all your uneasiness and allow you to perform in your daily activities with ease. As a result, you cand your baby can boast of financial and physical benefits. 

Important Factors to Keep in Mind

  • Eject your belly band after 2 or 3 hours of use to prevent overdependence. 
  • Abdominal exercises should be performed with a belly and as it strengthens the core muscles. 
  • Talk to your doctor about the compression garment you are going to use. 

Belly belts or bands are not like a permanent cure. You only use them for a temporary fix. You have to get yourself checked up if there is an underlying dysfunction. Besides, you can go for a physical therapy suggested by your gynecologist during your pregnancy and even after pregnancy if need.