EVA – The Neighbour Teasers December 2017

Monday 25 December 2017
Episode 142

Antonio cannot believe that his father would take so much money from the company, Guillermo is shocked when Antonio tells him he is engaged to be married to Sara, and Isabel wants to have Antonio, even if he doesn’t actually love her.

Tuesday 26 December 2017
Episode 143

Isabel devises a plan with Ema to make sure that Antonio and Sara do not get married, Guillermo begins to have doubts about the audit results, and Simon realises a horrifying truth about Pedro’s relationship with Laura.

Wednesday 27 December 2017
Episode 144

Isabel tells Natalia that she was talking to her father when he had his sudden heart attack. As Sebástian tries to speak with Natalia, Chelo stops him by reminding him that he is marrying her. Meanwhile, Isabel regrets Guillermo’s death.

Thursday 28 December 2017
Episode 145

Everyone at the plant helps Marina get the money that she needs to pay off the penalty for the early termination of her contract, but when it isn’t enough, Rafa pretends to be her attorney to convince her foes to destroy the contract.