Places to Visit- The Glory of San Antonio’s History

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San Antonio’s History

San Antonio is a city in Texas State. San Antonio is not an infamous name for anyone in the world because it is the second-most populous city of Texas while it is the seventh most populous city in the whole of the United States.

Being such a populous place, it is one of the most happening places on the planet. It has a richly diverse culture and history. 

History Of San Antonio 

The history of San Antonio is very interesting. The richness of its history makes it an even more fascinating place to visit. 

This place was discovered by Spanish expeditors in 1691 and 1709. When they discovered this place, they found out a small Indian community already residing in that place. 

The Spanish expeditors named this place “San Antonio” because it was the feast day of St. Anthony. 

In 1718, Father Antonio Olivares established Mission San Antonio de Valero, and the place got some real recognition.

Soon, in 1731, the settlers from the Canary Islands laid the foundation of the town San Fernando de Bexar, where a civilian community got rooted. At the start, the community was attacked by tribes like Apache and Comanche. 

However, with further development, soon San Antonio became a county seat of the Republic of Texas. 

Moreover, San Antonio also saw the effects of Mexican independence and many invasions and massacres related to it.

So, now the city of San Antonio is an amazing blend of Mexican and Texan Culture which is evident at every place and in everything.

Places To Visit In San Antonio 

The contemporary city of San Antonio is an amazing place to visit for people all over the world. It is an amalgam of culture and modern. Everything is at its excellence.

So, if you are visiting San Antonio then you should visit these places to get the real essence of the city and make your trip memorable.


If you love art like the people of San Antonio do then you should visit this place. Artpace is the hub of the excellence of contemporary art. Artpace makes great effort to keep this site more and more fascinating each and every day. 

The museum invites nine artists every year to do in-house artwork for the museum. Three of them are from Texas, three are from elsewhere in the US and the other three are from all over the world. They make a lot of effort to keep this museum an updated place for contemporary art. 

This place charges no money for visits and you can even take free art lectures and attend seminars here. 

San Antonio Museum of Art 

Just like San Antonio is particular about keeping its museums enriched with contemporary art, it has also preserved the rich culture it has. To have a look at the amazingness of the history and culture of the city of San Antonio, you should visit the San Antonio Museum of Art.

This museum has successfully and beautifully preserved the collection of art which can be traced back to 5000 years into the history of the city. The San Antonio Museum Art is a place that is famous all over the world for its collection of Latin American, Asian, and other Ancient Mediterranean art. Not only this, but the San Antonio Museum of Art also keeps a fantastic collection of contemporary art too. 

The museum also offers lectures, seminars and educational programs for the people interested in history and culture.

San Antonio Missions 

This is the greatest cultural heritage of San Antonio. The San Antonio Missions Historical Park was built in the 1700s. It consists of four missions named Concepción, San José, San Juan, and Espada.

This site has precious ruins of historic missions and churches. The list of interest does not stop here because you can also find other points of attractions like the mill at Mission San José, the Espada acequia and 270-year old irrigation system, etc.The other places which you can visit in San Antonio, Texas in order to get a taste of the rich history of San Antonio are The Alamo, Main Plaza, McNay Art Museum and Natural Bridge Caverns, etc.