The Dress Code of the First Date for Girls

The very concept of a dress code for a first date may seem ridiculous. In the end, this is not about taking on a new job, the Nobel Prize ceremony, or an official dinner with the royal family. However, according to the psychologists, the dates look more like an interview, especially for those who are slightly older than 30.

The first date, as in the case of employment, may well be the last. At the end of the meeting, both understand exactly whether they want to see each other again or not. It is good if the desires coincide. And here, a quite logical question arises: is it worth it to show off in front of the employer, that is, your potential second half, or it’s better to adhere to the idea that a person will love you for who you are?

Any normal person goes on a date in anticipation of at least a pleasant pastime if not wonderful feelings and magic. Do not forget that any relationship and the nascent especially require some effort from both sides. If a woman or a man did not bother to properly take care of his or her appearance before the first date, this indicates either the lack of interest in himself and the potential object of love or an open reluctance to invest any resource in this relationship.

If all of the above is included in your plans for a romantic meeting, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the dress code for the first date.

Rule 1: The Best Version Of Yourself

The first and most important rule is to be yourself. It is ridiculous to recommend an extravagant person to play an elegant lady on the first date. But making the sound of a party in your head a little quieter can make things better. It is important not to change yourself, but, at the same time, it would be nice to show your best version: highlight the merits and cover up the disadvantages.

For example, you are sure that pants fit you better than dresses: in this case, you should ignore most of the recommendations of the stylists and wear them on the first date. Well, maybe you have not yet found your dress, or perhaps you are just a pants-loving woman. Each has its own charisma and sexuality, and your task is to find it and emphasize profitably.

Rule 2: Wear Proven Things

It is worth choosing the outfit that will add some confidence and peace of mind. The first date is always exciting. And since a true woman can find a lot of reasons for troubles, at least make sure that clothes do not make you nervous. On a date, you need to carefully listen to your chosen one and enjoy the communication instead of thinking about how a new dress fits you. You never know how a newly purchased and not yet tested thing will look on you or how comfortable a new pair of shoes will be.

Rule 3: Do not Overdo it

Too mini or too flat. Too tight or too shapeless. Too defiant or too modest. No extremes! This rule also applies to the makeup and perfume. A win-win option is a nude makeup. You should not abuse bright, strongly brilliant, black eyeshadows and linings and, more importantly, try something you have never done before.

Rule 4: Where, When, With Whom

It’s a stylist’s 3W formula: where, when, with whom. It will help you out in any situation, and the first date is no exception. By answering these three simple questions, you can look appropriate at any event and feel confident. There is a difference between a walk in the park, a late dinner at a restaurant, a country picnic, and a simple coffee break in a cozy city cafe after lunch. Meeting time plays an important role: in the afternoon, we give preference to smart casual or casual chic, and after 8 pm, more sensual make-up.

If you still don’t have a second half, don’t waste your time. Just visit this source!