The changes made through the new online ration card process

online ration card
Applying for a ration card is no longer as difficult as it was in the past. Having an online agent handle the entire process on your behalf, through a website has certain perks. It gets the job done faster, reducing the burden on applicants. Agents who handle this often are well versed with the process and are apt at handling it. Initially, the process was so flawed with applicants being unsure of heading in the right direction. They weren’t given proper instructions since there wasn’t a definitive process. At the time of reviewing submitted documents, various forms and supporting paperwork would be inspected for the first time. Applicants would then be informed about missing papers and have to begin gathering them causing unnecessary delays.

How is the new online process better?

The new website has all the information people would need to get their ration cards. If there are updated applications or basic announcements made about the process, they are updated on the website. Furthermore, the entire list of documents is mentioned, allowing applicants to gather them without having to make a trip to the office. It also has the forms needed for a ration card. There are other ration card related processes that can be handled through the website as well.

Loss of a ration card.

If individuals have misplaced or damaged their ration cards to a point of no recognition, they have to apply for new ones. The forms for the application process and the legal requirements are mentioned on the website, along with the supporting documents.

Making changes to the ration card.

If there are errors or typos on the ration card, they have to be rectified. These changes can be handled through the ration card website which has the forms needed. Furthermore, personal identification, proof of address, along with other paperwork would have to be submitted.