The Best Canister Vacuum for Elderly Homeowners

Vacuum for Elderly Homeowners
Vacuum for Elderly Homeowners
Elderly homeowners often find themselves having a difficult time completing household chores that should be quick and easy. However, with the right tools, seniors can maintain their sense of independence when it comes to cleaning the house. For example, lightweight vacuum cleaners for the elderly allow older individuals (and individuals of all ages) to clean carpets and hardwood floors with very little physical effort. Here are a few reasons why the ZeroG Vac is the best canister vacuum for elderly homeowners.

It’s Lightweight and Easy to Move

Moving an upright vacuum from room to room can be tiring. And carrying it up and down the staircase can be dangerous. As its name implies, the ZeroG’s most distinctive feature is its lightweight frame and ability to glide as smoothly as an air hockey puck. Little to no physical effort is required when handling this vacuum cleaner, which makes it perfect for seniors who are tired of lugging around heavier models.

You Won’t Have to Move Furniture

The ZeroG’s powerbrush has a sleek design that allows it to clean under furniture and in tight corners. This cleaning head also has side suction, which ensures it doesn’t miss any areas near baseboards. Cleaning experts recommend moving your furniture every once in a while to ensure a thorough cleaning. But when using the ZeroG, seniors won’t have to do this as frequently.

It Requires Less Adjustments

Some vacuums require you to bend down or kneel to make adjustments to the settings. The ZeroG is less demanding. It has an automatic height adjustment feature, so the user doesn’t have to lower or raise the base when transitioning between rooms with different carpet pile. This feature also prevents scratches on the hardwood floors.