TG Personals a Full Review of What This Dating Site is Like

Dating Site is Like

TG personals has much to offer the trans community. It is a dating site that offers users entirely free profiles. The site has over 200k members and is growing in numbers every day. It is a tough choice when it comes to the market for Trans dating though, which is kind of sad when there are so many other dating platforms that cater to many communities. 

What Features Does It Have?

TG personals offers activity updates as well as advance search options when looking for matches. The site offers blogging as well as news to help keep up with everything going on in the trans community even outside of the site. You have options for chatting, messaging and even live cams. 

There are many things on this site that are the same as any other site, the appeal is the way it is laid out for the trans community though. The layout of the site and offering blogs and news is a great way to stay active with social and world news to stay in the loop. 

Is TG Personals Legit?

TG Personals does try to keep things straight forward from the very beginning. The home page even before sign up allows you to see new members and recently active, not only this is allows you to see the activities that were most recent; all before actually signing up. The sites homepage also has a warning at the bottom of the page to be cautious of romance scammer. The site does have the rule of no one under 18 on the home page as well. 

The cons for this are mainly along the security and privacy levels.  As stated above in the review the sites home page allows you to see new members and recently active members, not only this though it allows you to see anyone’s activities; such as who friends who, who commented where. The entire site is open for public view even without an account. 

What About Scammers?

The site states that they have Romance Scammers which states also that they do not screen accounts well. It states that pretty well anyone can make an account on this site. Although it does state no one under 18 it doesn’t give the guarantee that you may happen to run across minors either. 

Not only is this an issue with safety of them it is against your safety as well.  Allowing anyone to join, or even have access to media and information shared in the activity area allows for theft of private information. These issues do not keep this trans dating site safe for the community it offers service to. 


It is hard to find a great trans dating site as the options are limited. This site is great for interaction and learning about the news in the trans community. It is a legit dating site that has real members, but there are also fake members as well. There are many safety and privacy concerns to take into consideration when joining this site. 

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