Street Bike Riding Gear for Fall Riding For Women

While digging around for motorcycle aftermarket parts on the web or searching for Honda TRX450 OEM online, why don’t you take a minute and make sure that you, not your bike, have everything you need for the approaching change of season? Riding in the summertime is all about keeping cool while staying safe, but when the leaves start to change, all of a sudden, those leather jackets and gloves start looking more enticing. Therefore, take a break from thinking about bike modifications and replacement parts, and start thinking about what gear you need as a strong, independent female rider.

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One of the first things you should consider when looking for street bike riding gear for women is a helmet. While the open-air helmet you have been wearing might be good for warm weather riding, think again when heading into the fall. Cold winds and inclement weather conditions can make open-air riding unbearable. Therefore, you might want to start looking for a helmet with a full face shield or visor, which offers the most protection from the elements.


While gloves are advisable and necessary all year round, they are especially critical during colder months. One of the most important things any rider can have is control, and your hands are the most essential elements for maintaining that control. However, if you are wearing inadequate protection, then your hands can become cold and numb, making it difficult to operate your bike. Therefore, you want gloves that not only provide protection from a fall, but you also want them to have enough padding or lining to keep your hands warm and functional.


Again, riding boots are always advisable; regular shoes or sneakers do not provide enough protection in the event of an accident. However, not every boot will offer protection against the elements either. Therefore, when heading into colder weather, you may want to consider a sturdy all-weather boot that also provides warmth, not only support and protection.


Summer riding means heat, which means that most riders want gear that is lightweight but still protective. The fall is the opposite of that scenario, meaning that you will probably want heavier gear to keep you warm during your rides. Therefore, look for pants that offer superior wind protection in combination with crash protection. Many riding pants now come in a variety of materials and styles with Kevlar interwoven.


Similar to pants, jackets are an essential component to cooler weather riding. This necessary gear also comes in a variety of materials with Kevlar protection. Also, to magnify the protection, many manufacturers produce jackets and pants that can be zippered together, essentially making a one-piece suit.


Another excellent option for cold weather riding is to purchase a suit. These elements are one piece and offer superior protection and warmth. Also, an added bonus, they can be worn on top of your everyday clothing. Therefore, suits allow for more versatile riding.

While every rider understands the urge to modify your ride with motorcycle aftermarket parts, the fall is quickly approaching. Be sure to find appropriate riding gear for the coming weather shift before worrying about those always necessary bike mods.