Strawberry Nutrition Facts and 5 Health Benefits

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About Strawberry– The Sensual Fruit. Strawberries! the delicious symbol of spring turning into summer! This Heart-shaped fruit is as addictive as an engrossing novel. In 2017, world production of strawberries was 9.2 million tonnes, led by China with 40% of the total.

Strawberries have a light and refreshing taste with a slight hidden bitterness underneath. The strong sweetness followed by a faint sour flavor with a strong distinct scent with a unique texture in the mouth provided by the seeds. The outer layer of the strawberry which adds a beady texture to the explosion of flavor this wonderful fruit has.

Strawberry’s originally are members of the rose family and have grown wildly for centuries in some western countries. The strawberries that are available now have evolved as a result of crossbreeding.

 Strawberries Nutritional Information

Here is some good news for you strawberry fans out there! Apart from the fact that these yummy berries are delicious – they also contain some incredible nutrition and health benefits! So now you can snack away without any worries!

Strawberries are a good source of Iodine which promotes good health. Additionally, strawberries contain dietary fiber which helps in regulating blood sugar, Folate that is heart healthy and antioxidants! Strawberries also contain a generous amount of phytonutrients including, anthocyanins, flavonols, epicatechins and many others.

Not only that, but strawberries are naturally low in sugar, which makes them perfect for snacking and including in your desert. So now you can indulge as much as you like without hesitating or feeling guilty!

Health Benefits Of Strawberries

Strawberry is a very versatile fruit which can be enjoyed in many different fashions however I’m sure you never realized how truly wonderful they can be to your health, so come let’s explore several interesting facts about strawberries you may never have known.

1. Promotes Heart Health!

It can be considered ironic that this heart shaped fruit actually works wonders for the heart! These small berries contain an outstanding amount of an anti inflammatory nutrient which provides protection form oxidative and inflammatory damage. Strawberries rank as one of the best source of manganese in most foods!

2. Good For Blood Sugar

Strawberries are very rich in potassium and magnesium content, both of which are very effective in lowering high blood pressure caused by sodium.

3. Prevents Cancer!

A regular intake of strawberries is shown to have reduced the growth of cancerous cells in our bodies. Strawberries also contain excellent antioxidant and anti carcinogenic properties team up against cancer.

4. Stimulates Weight Loss

Strawberries can also be consumed to prevent you from over-eating/mindless eating.  Strawberries also act as an aid to help the already present weight reducing hormones in our bodies to function properly as well as increase our body’s production of a hormone that increases the metabolism system.

5. Good For Vision

The impressive range of antioxidants in strawberries can help avoid the harmful oxidants or free radicals that cast heavy damage on our eyes, such as drying up of eyes.

Possible Ways To Enjoy

Strawberries can be enjoyed simply in their natural splendor. Or you can have them chilled and sprinkle some icing sugar!
Moreover, you can add them to cold cereal, hot oatmeal, granola, yogurt and smoothies.

Chocolate dipped strawberries, however, remains a winner! These are not just mouth watering but also a healthy desert. Using dark chocolate is encouraged as it contains many antioxidants just like strawberries.

Possible Health Concerns

Strawberries are on the list of the 12 foods on which pesticide residues are most commonly found.  The health risks of consuming pesticide contaminated foods may be severe. It would be advised to consume organic produce. If this is not possible, you must adopt thorough washing techniques to remove pesticide residue.