Sreesanth looks to Scotland as BCCI ban is challenged in the high court

The punishment was imposed by a BCCI disciplinary committee in the wake of the 2013 IPL spot-fixing scandal but despite a Delhi court dismissing all criminal charges against the player in 2015there has beenno indicationfrom the governing body that it might berescinded.

But with an offer from Glenrothes Cricket Club to make a comeback via league cricket in Scotland on the table the 34-year-old is hopeful that his civil action against the BCCI will be successful and finally bring an ordeal which began with his arrest in May 2013 alongside fellow Rajasthan Royals Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan to a conclusion.

Speaking to me from his home in Kochi, Sreesanth was cautiously optimistic that the matter may at last be approaching a resolution.

“The court has given the BCCI fourteen days to respond [before it passes] an order lifting the ban,” he said.

“That is what it is looking likebut we have to be patient to wait for those days to pass and we have to see how the BCCI reacts.

“The greatest thing that could happen is me getting to play and the worst is that maybe they won’t lift the ban and give me a NOC [No Objection Certificate] to play in Scotland.

“But I will surely fight to have it uplifted because it is very important,” he continued.“If I come to Scotland, God willing, I want to play with a lot of respect and also bring a lot of Scotland players to Kochi, my home town, so it can be a much better experience for them if they come to India with Scotland in the future. They will have had more opportunity to play here.

“I want to give the best I can. I am just hoping that the court will give me justice.”

It was Sreesanth’s announcement of an unsanctioned comeback which proved to be the catalyst in ending what had been a two-year silence from the governing body. After he made clear over social media his intention to play a two-day league match for Kerala on February 19th, the Kerala Cricket Association (KCA) received a PDF copy of the 2013 banning order from the BCCI, a document which, according to Sreesanth, had not been made availableeither to him or his representatives before. The specific detail it provided enabled the civil action to be instigated.