Smartphones to replace car keys?

Do you often misplace your key cars and spend ages trying to find them? Well, that may not be a problem for the future as German tech company Bosch has just developed a new digital smart key called Perfectly Keyless.

The tech giant’s Antipodean department, Bosch Australia, as well as several other global departments have worked to develop the new app.

Essentially, the app would be downloaded and then synced with the key and car. Once synced, you would then be able to lock, unlock and start the vehicle, provided it is set up with a push button ignition.

The car automatically locks when the smartphone is more than two metres away.

Duplicate digital keys, with unique codes could be created and shared with family and friends via the cloud. The app also has the ability to use a digital key for vehicle fleets where users can be blocked via location or time.

The app would also enable users to add predetermined settings to activate seating and mirror positions, and in the event of the smartphone being lost, the key can be disabled online.

The app has run into a snag, though. The Bosch Perfectly Keyless technology requires vehicle manufacturers to install proximity sensors and a control unit in the vehicle.

However, Bosch is planning to have a production version of Perfectly Keyless ready within the next two years.

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