Skolopad, Zodwa Wabantu and Buhle Mkhize thinks panties don’t have that thing anymore!!!

Growing up I loved The Buggles hit song Video Killed the Radio Star: It seemed like despite its age, I couldn’t go to a party or turn on the radio without hearing it. Little did I know I would not live to see the death of the radio star but the rise of a new kind of star -one who is unashamed, raw and so down to earth it’s scary!

Celebs like Zodwa Wabantu, Skolopad and Buhle Mkhize have dominated local headlines for over a year now with their racy dress and unfiltered views, taking turns to entertain and fascinate us like the acts in a circus many of us enjoyed going to as a kid. And like that circus, many of us can’t keep our eyes away.