Signs you need an emergency repair service

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Houston experiences a humid subtropical climate characterized by hot and sweaty summers. Temperatures often cross 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can be almost impossible to survive without air conditioning or AC. You will need to keep it running most of the time, from morning till night. 

Things are fine as long as it works the way it’s supposed to and cools down your home. But, what can you do if it breaks down or malfunctions without any warning, particularly during the nights, holidays, or weekends? 

When that happens, you will need an AC repair service that offers 24 hour ac repair houston to attend to the emergency immediately and ensure that your air conditioner is up and running again. 

So, here are a few signs that may indicate an issue with your AC unit. 

The AC blows warm air

It is believed that most of the people in Houston run their air conditioners seven months a year to escape the oppressive heat. While that’s great for keeping the surroundings cool, it can adversely affect the system. 

If you notice warm air coming out of your vents, and have already tried adjusting your thermostat, it may indicate a more complicated problem with the AC unit. There can be many reasons behind that, including compression issues, low refrigerant, duct problem, frozen evaporator coil, or something else.  

You hear weird noises

A defective air conditioner will often produce different weird noises, which various problems could cause. For instance, if you hear a humming sound, the problem could lie with a defective contactor relay switch. 

If there is a buzzing sound from the system, the reason could be loose or unbalanced fan blades in the outdoor condenser unit. There could also be an obstruction near the copper lines. 

A bubbling noise could be caused by excess moisture build-up because of a blockage, hole, or crack in the drainage pipe. If the fan motor bearings in the outdoor unit begin malfunctioning, you will hear a metal screeching sound. 

In any case, if you notice weird sounds from your vents, or in the AC unit, you should contact an emergency repair service offering 24 hour AC repair in Houston to examine the unit and identify the issue. 

There is an increase in humidity

Houston is notorious for its humid summers and has an average humidity of almost 75%. As soon as you step outside, you get sweaty and sticky pretty quickly. The purpose of buying an air conditioner is to avoid mugginess, but if your machine is causing an increase in the moisture levels inside, it’s a severe problem. 

One of the main reasons behind that is a dirty evaporator coil, which needs to be cleaned yearly. The other reason might be a low refrigerant charge. 

Whatever the problem is, it’s better to let the experts handle the situation. 

You notice unpleasant smells

A faulty air conditioner system will give off several unpleasant smells. 

If the odor is like car exhaust, there might be a leak in the refrigerant line. A musty odor could be caused by water accumulation in the drain pan or drip lines. The most unpleasant smell you might receive resembles rotten eggs caused by bugs and flies getting stuck in the system.

As a thumb rule, if you notice any abnormal sounds or smells coming from the AC, you must call a 24 hour AC repair service in Houston.