#Sesethu and #Natasha video’s made headlines last week on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp all abuzz

HASHTAG Sesethu made headlines last week, with Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp all abuzz with this inappropriate video.

A young girl (14) pressured by her peers into doing something she probably did not want to do made headlines as people exchanged ‘cellphone numbers’ just so they could all get their hands on the video.

I haven’t seen the video, I don’t want to see it, in fact I don’t have to see it, and neither do you. It’s child pornography.

13 Year Old Natasha video  S_ex Tape. Another teenager has followed Sesethu’s footsteps, by recording a video that has found its way into the public. It is reported that the video was meant for her school boyfriend but a friend accessed the photos and released it to the whole class