Science and Technology provides us with a Better Life

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Contribution of Science to Technology

  • Direct source– Science acts as a direct source for technological ideas. An example supporting this statement can be nuclear technology.
  • Source of engineering– Any knowledge that is used in the development of technology or its tools is an outcome of engineering science. Science plays a fundamental contribution in the development of human skills.

Contribution of Technology to Science

  • Source of scientific challenges– Every time technology is being developed, it calls for more research and science. 
Example: Space science
  • Measurement techniques– Advancement in technology instigates scientists to measure many things like distance between the earth and the sun, internal problems of human beings and etc. 

Importance of Science and Technology

Both of it is important because the non-existence of one can affect the existence of the other. Science and technology should not be considered as only subjects. They provide us with ways and tools and helps us live a happier life. 
BTech Colleges in India
Science is the study of the whole world from the smallest cellular level to the greatest and technology is the applications evolving from science. Therefore both of it is important in our daily lives. Science helps us understand and involves explanation of the subjects and technology simplifies this. Example: Scientists store data, analyze and organize it with the help of computers. Thus, science progresses it and technology supports it. Therefore science and technology plays a major role in our lives and helps in the development of the universe each day. BTech Colleges in India help students for the development of their career in the technical domain through the practical exposure.