Saker: Systematic cheating claims absurd

Australia bowling coach David Saker has described claims that the team engage in systematic cheating as both absurd and offensive.

The ICC have chosen not to take action against either skipper  and have instead scheduled a meeting between the two captains ahead of the third Test in Ranchi.

ICC Chief Executive David Richardson said: “We have just witnessed a magnificent game of Test cricket where players from both teams gave their all and emotions were running high during and after the match.

“We would encourage both teams to focus their energies on the third Test in Ranchi next week. Ahead of that, the match referee will bring both Captains together to remind them of their responsibilities to the game.”

Saker claims that the Australian dressing room had no idea that Steve Smith would look up to the dressing room and dismissed the suggestion made by Virat Kohli that this was not the first time the dressing room was involved in a DRS referral.

The bowling coach said: “It’s pretty much absurd I think, when Steven Smith did look up (to the team balcony after being given out lbw) we were more horrified than anyone else because we’d never seen that before,” Saker said today.

“We haven’t got any elaborate sign system and when he did do that it was quite a surprise to us.

“To be fair, if we have got this sign system then we got it wrong quite horribly, twice, with (David) Warner and (Shaun) Marsh (both victims of incorrect reviews on the final day at Bengaluru).

“I don’t know what he (Kohli) is thinking when he says that, or if he sees what he sees on the balcony, but I can assure you in all my time in cricket I’ve never seen it happen.”