SA Celebrities who don’t look their age.

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What is more inevitable than the march of time? Literally, nothing, which is why it seems rather absurd to us that modern society is obsessed with ephemeral qualities like fame, beauty, and, most of all, youth. The truth of the matter is there’s no escaping age, yet some do it better than most – occasionally, to such a surprising degree that we are stunned to learn how old they are.

SA Celebrities, fashion, and the media at large place an incredible emphasis on youth, with the underlying message being somewhat grotesque: you are only as valuable as you are desirable. Therefore, it’s a tremendous comfort to see so many accomplished, talented stars age so gracefully, beauty standards are damned. The 13 radiant women on our list, below, absolutely defy age-related expectations, with some even going so far as to totally reject any form of cosmetic enhancement, preferring to mature naturally.