Rural Alaska to experience broadband explosion

Broadband connectivity is set to improve ten-fold in the most remote parts of Alaska, following the announcement that service provider OptimERA would leverage SES Networks’ new managed infrastructure service.

OptimERA will also leverage  a full 72MHz transponder, in an effort to improve internet coverage across Southwest Alaska and cater for the burgeoning business industry in that region. Business growth ultimately means a growth in demand for internet provision.

“OptimERA is leveraging the reliability and flexibility of SES satellite capacity to better connect people and businesses across rural Alaska, where 25 percent of the state’s population lives and 90 percent of its revenues are generated,” said an excited Emmett Fitch, CEO at OptimERA.

“Our collaborative work with SES is allowing us to be more creative and innovative in customizing our satellite capacity, as our OptimERA team turns a vision of affordable, faster connectivity into life-changing reality throughout Alaska,” added Fitch.

Equally excited by this new project is Steve Collar, CEO of SES Networks. He thinks it is a testament to his country’s desire to build a robust  global network capable of connecting people and businesses anywhere in the world.

“OptimERA now has the reliable capacity and the fully-managed infrastructure it needs to offer affordable, impactful data packages capable of connecting people and generating exciting new growth opportunities throughout rural Alaska and the region,” said a proud Collar.

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