Risse: Cologne team spirit helped my recovery

Marcel Risse has expressed his delight at being back in training, noting that a swift diagnosis of his knee injury helped him deal with the frustration of missing the majority of last season.

The 27-year old winger missed a total of 22 matches after suffering a cruciate ligament rupture in December 2016 but now finds himself back on the pitch with his teammates, preparing for Cologne’s Bundesliga opener against Borussia Monchengladbach on Sunday.

Speaking to his club’s official website, the former Bayer Leverkusen player expressed his gratitude at the medical attention he received immediately after suffering the injury.

“The biggest difference is that I was given a diagnosis right away,” he stated. “It was no more than five hours after the match that I already knew what was wrong. Hence, I could mentally prepare myself for what was coming.

“When I had my last major injury in 2011, I wandered from one doctor to the other every three to four months and nobody could tell me what was wrong. That was an unfortunate situation because I could not plan anything,” he added.

Asked whether the club played a role in his rehabilitation, Risse gave recognition where it was due, saying that the support he received was critical to his recovery.

“The team spirit we have here was a major factor because I always felt like I was still part of the team. Even when I could not train with the others I felt like they made me feel like I was with them,” he stated.

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