Richarlison: Premier League is unforgiving

Watford winger Richarlison believes the Premier League has pushed him to new heights mentally and physically due to the intensity of the games.

The 20-year-old Brazilian admits the football in England’s top flight is unforgiving because you have to make lightning-quick decisions on the ball while keeping up physically with the pace of the game.

Richarlison signed for the Hornets from Fluminense in the off-season and has thus far scored two goals in six Premier League encounters.

“I felt the physical part a little, it’s 90 minutes of intensity here,” he told Brazilian sports show Ta na area. “You don’t have time to think like in Brazil. In Brazil you have time to think, about three, four seconds. Here you get the ball and you already have two markers over you.

“So it was more about the game rhythm really, and now that I’ve got some of the rhythm I’m already playing 90 minutes without cramps, I’m feeling super good. It’s a league that demands a lot from the physical side and I’m getting a lot prepared during the week.

“I already feel at home, I feel like I’m in Brazil. When I get on the pitch, I only think about playing football. I feel totally confident, as in Brazil, and my teammates have been helping me a lot during the week.”

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