Rebuildable TC Mod Kit Is Superior When Vaping?

The taste of the vape is affected by many factors such as e-liquid, atomizer and battery, which creates its instability. In order to solve this problem, we have considered many aspects to try to control the vape to maintain a relatively stable atomization state. From adjustable voltage to adjustable electric power, the vape control module has undergone several stages of development. Nowadays, with the birth of the temperature control mod, the vape market is facing a reshuffle, and the temperature control era is coming.Recently, let me introduce one TC Mod Kit named MECHLYFE Ratel Rebuildable TC Mod Kit. It looks wonderful. An external 18650 battery is required to release the maximum value. 80W output, support micro USB port recharge. In addition, matching Ratel RTA makes it more likely to accommodate your preferences.
TC, as its name implies, is temperature control. The effective control of the temperature generated by a certain kind of heating phenomenon by some means is called temperature control. I have also checked some information here. There is no accurate definition of the term It is literally defined by people’s practicability in the life of this word. The MECHLYFE Ratel Rebuildable TC Mod Kit means that the vape chip monitors the temperature of the atomizing core coil by reading the resistance of the heating wire atomizing core coil. When the temperature of the atomizing core coil exceeds the set value, the output power is adjusted so that the temperature of the heating wire coil is maintained within the set temperature range, which has the advantage that the heating wire coil does not overheat and does not dry, and at the same time It avoids the odor and possible harmful substances of e-liquid at excessive evaporation temperatures. The overall experience and safety of vapes will be greatly enhanced. Therefore, the characteristic of temperature control is that the temperature of the heating wire will not be too high and will not dry.