Pineapple Nutrition Facts

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About Pineapple – The Heavenly ‘Pina’, For All The Right Reasons! Summer sun, white sandy beaches, and a tall glass of pina colada topped with an elegant little cocktail umbrella- sounds like a scene straight out of a Caribbean dream vacation, doesn’t it? The pineapple is a central feature in every summery, tropical setting. Without it, every beach party and luau would seem incomplete.

The story behind this striking fruit’s name deserves a special mention. The Spanish saw the pineapple and christened it pina because they perceived it to be similar to pine cones. The English added apple to clarify that the pina was actually a scrumptious, wholly edible fruit. The name stuck, even though the pineapple looks nothing like a pine cone, or an apple!

This chunky cylindrical fruit is covered in tough scales, and shaded in beautiful tones of yellow, brown and gold. The lemon-yellow flesh on the inside is refreshing, fibrous and succulent! What sets the pineapple apart from all the other fruits is its unique structure: it is a collection of individual fruitlets that congregate around the pineapple fruit’s core. Those who have tried this delicious fruit will agree that the pineapple’s addictive sweet flavor, naturally infused with just the perfect amount of tartness, is absolutely irresistible!

Pineapple- Nutritional Information

The pineapple has the ability to please more than just your taste buds. Get ready to be surprised by the marvelous nutritional value of this tender fruit!

So if you have one cup of sliced pineapple (about 165 grams), how many nutrients will you obtain from it? Let’s start with the treasure trove of vitamins hidden within the pineapple. This includes a valuable store of 131.4% of Vitamin C, 9% of Vitamin B6, 8.6% of Vitamin B1 and 7.4% of Folate. We will explore the numerous health benefits of these super vitamins shortly, and simultaneously look into what makes them so desirable!

To fulfill your mineral requirements pineapples provide, among other minerals, an amazing 76.5% of manganese and 9% of copper! Pineapples are also a rich source of dietary fiber. With the pineapple’s 9.2% of roughage, the body’s digestive system can function smoothly without any major glitches!

Pineapple Health Benefits

So how does that exceptional mix of nutrients benefit your body? Let’s find out!

For Powerful Anti-Oxidant Protection!

Given the pineapple’s extraordinarily high levels of Vitamin C, it comes as no surprise that this fruit is scientifically acknowledged to provide excellent antioxidant benefits.  What is so special about Vitamin C? Since it is a water soluble Vitamin, it can easily permeate through the cell membranes and effectively target all the areas of the body.

It plays a key role in preventing free radical agents from damaging the body’s systems. By eliminating these harmful agents, Vitamin C drastically reduces the risk of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, heart disease and even colon cancer!

For That Extra Dose of Energy!

Pineapples are a superb source of manganese and thiamin. Both of these compounds have an integral role in the body’s energy generation process. Reinvigorate yourself with Online Scoops’s exclusive quick tips on how to enjoy pineapples. Once you’re firmly set on the track of adopting a healthy diet, you can dig up your old fresh pineapple recipes to create delicious pineapple treats of your choice!

Excellent for Your Eyes!

Research has proved that fruits that contain high quantities of Vitamin A, Vitamin C or Vitamin E should be consumed daily to prevent the eyes from falling prey to age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. These grave eye ailments, if not detected in time, can lead to a loss of vision. At least three servings of fruits that fulfill the Vitamin criteria, such as pineapples should be consumed daily!

Potential Anti-Inflammation Properties!

Research suggests that pineapple stems contain a rich store of Bromelain. Though this substance has not been researched upon extensively, scientists have outlined the possible health benefits as reduced risks inflammation, blood coagulation and tumor growth.

Possible Ways to Enjoy Pineapples

Pineapples can be consumed or served in a multitude of ways! For a quick and nutritious pineapple salad, mix pineapple slices with a selection of your favorite fruits, toss them into a bowl, and leave the salad in the refrigerator so that it is cool and refreshing when served.

Add a tropical twist to a regular mid-day snack by chopping pineapple slices into small cubes, and using these pineapple cubes along with your choice of complementary vegetables or spices, to make an exotic pineapple salsa!
Fresh pineapple juice is a powerhouse of nutrients. Make a pitcher of fresh juice and treat yourself to refreshing pineapple drinks all day!

Possible Health Concerns

Pineapples do not have any documented health benefits. They do not contain purine, oxalates or pesticide traces.