Pic of the Day: Holy smokes!

Holy smokes!

Sisters on a mission to heal and empower women through their cannabis-product business.

Sisters of the Valley is not your conventional Catholic Convent. The group do not belong to any religion, but consider themselves to be Beguine revivalists, which predates Christianity.

They can be found near the town of Merced, California, where they grow and harvest their own cannabis plants, which they turn into cannabis-based balms and ointments, which they believe improve health and well-being.

The ‘nun’ moniker developed out of Sister Kate’s participation in Occupy Wall Street in 2011. She participated dressed as a nun and came to be known as “Sister Occupy”.

With the current administration’s apparent lack of empathy towards the legalized marijuana industry, the nuns are looking to spread their wings in another country, with their gaze set on Canada.

They made around $750 000 in sales in 2016, after launching the business in January 2015.



Image: Twitter


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