Pic of the Day: Bay of Pigs invaded!

Bay of Pigs invaded!

Cuba’s Bay of Pigs has been invaded!

Not by United States-backed anti-Castro forces, but rather by millions of red, black and yellow land crabs.

Shortly after the fall of the first spring rains every year, millions of these brightly-coloured, ten-legged creatures march out of the forests surrounding the bay to spawn in the sea.

The creatures wreak havoc on their way to procreate, going through houses and crossing the coastal road that runs along the bay, leaving behind the stench of crushed crab and punctured car tires.

The crabs return to their forest homes after releasing their eggs and are joined a few months later by baby crabs that hatched at sea.

Quick-thinking Cubans have managed to use the annual invasion as a business opportunity: repairing tires along the road, using condoms for patches, which are cheap and readily available!

Image: Alexandre Meneghini/Twitter


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