Perotti: Di Francesco is changing my role

AS Roma winger Diego Perotti has revealed that new Giallorossi manager Eusebio Di Francesco wants him to play a more central role this season.

The 28-year-old played mainly as a left-winger under Luciano Spalletti last season and was dissuaded from fetching the ball deep, but will now see his role altered.

“He’s asking me to come in a bit more. I’m used to playing wide on the flank, but he’s asking me to play between the lines and that’s bringing me closer to the striker and the goal itself. I want to score more goals than I did last season,” Perotti told Roma TV.

“It is different to what [Luciano] Spalletti was asking me to do. He wanted me to receive the ball higher up the pitch, but I like dropping back to pick it up. 

“Often you can’t get the ball up there and you’re forced to drop down anyway or you go for ages without touching the ball. I like having the option to drop deep and get the ball.”

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