Nintendo Switch’s Development In 2020

80 / 100

The Nintendo Switch is a large company introducing the highest sell on the US market for two years. For example, in November it sold around 1.35 million units. Of course, these results are quite good, mostly because it is a three-year-old console that has to compete against Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo started playing a significant role in the console market as many gamers always wanted some variety to choose from. In 2020 this need was critical, and Nintendo provided players with what they wanted.

Pandemic lockdown caused the situation when the only way to spend your free time is playing console games and browser games like Consequently, it increased the demand for consoles, and Nintendo was not an exception. In 2020 Nintendo got a chance to sell more than the year before when the company was actually founded. Surprisingly, Nintendo succeeded in selling even without developing a next-gen console. Let’s take a look at how Nintendo did it.

The Switch shortage of 2020

2019 was also successful for Nintendo Switch, that’s why many gamers paid attention to the company. At the beginning of 2020, the company faced stock shortages, and thankfully it was the time of lockdown. Due to this shortage, the system became cheaper for launch that caused a demand for the device. It was a perfect alternative for players who were looking for the right console at reasonable prices.

Considering the lack of ways to waste time and the fact that the console was the most accessible, we can say that it was the best formula to succeed during the volatile period. New games releasing became a perfect addition to this range of reasons.

Bring me the horizon.

One more event that influenced the situation positively was delaying the Animal Crossing: New Horizons release. Release planned to publish in 2019, but the new date was set in 2020. Finally, gamers got it in March when the quarantine restrictions were the harshest. Consequently, the game that players expected to see earlier became very demandable. The title now sold more than 26 million copies in just half of the year. If it doesn’t seem significant to you, pay attention that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim needed nine years to sell 30 million copies.

New Horizons created a perfect meeting space where gamers hosted weddings, graduations, talk shows, dates, and so on. They were pleased to get the game that provided them with joy that they couldn’t experience because of quarantine. You may ask how it could influence Nintendo’s success. The answer is quite simple: New Horizons provided the company with the highest amount of launches in 2020.

Mario is back!

There were many claims about games like GOTY contender Hades have graced the ever-bustling eShop this year. However, Nintendo chose another way, and it couldn’t disappoint gamers all over the world. They started improving and republishing legendary titles.

One of these games was the Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection. It was the perfect chance for younger players to test such games as Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy.

In 2020 the console was supported by third-party developers and publishers. The effect of this was significant. Except for Mario new, generation got the opportunity to play Bioshock and Borderlands collections that appeared here in May. The streaming technology allowed to try AAA titles such as Control. This support by third-parties is what can refresh and renew the Nintendo Switch.

The spirit of play endures.

In 2020 Nintendo Switch Online also included NES and SNES titles on its subscription service. Unfortunately, there is no true Wii-era, Virtual Console keeping the eye away from Nintendo 64 and GameCube games. The solution is simple. They need to bring those games to the current console environment. It would get a lot of benefits for the company in the future. Still, the question arises whether they will do this innovative step of repackaging those games as limited editions.

But the real hit of the year was a collaboration with Minecraft. The addition of the game characters gripped the community’s attention.

Going pro

True fans were surprised by announcements of New Pokémon Snap and Monster Hunter Rise in 2021. Even considering all the achievements of 2020, a ‘pro’ revision of the Nintendo Switch (or Nintendo Switch 2) is still in high demand.

The modern console will be a huge advantage for Nintendo, which, together with the Breath of the Wild sequel that will be released in the future, can lead to a new rise of success and popularity.

It is not necessary to publish a new model during the Christmas period because holidays could be the reason to buy Nintendo Switch as a present. A lot of gamers are satisfied with what they have now, thanks to the Nintendo Switch. Competing with Sony and Microsoft is, obviously, not what the company needs at this time.