Mzansi Celebrities you didn’t know were adopted.

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Sbahle Mpisane

Sbahle Mpisane and Shaun Mkhize.

Sbahle Mpisane fitness expert, reality TV star most notable for featuring in a TV reality show Kwa Ma’Mkhize. Sbahle is the daughter of businessman and former metro policeman Sbu Mpisane. Sbahle is the first child of Sbu from his previous relationship before his marriage to Shaun Mkhize. Her biological mother is yet to be revealed to the public. Sbu is yet to open up about Sbahle’s mother.

Sbu Mpisane and Sbahle Mpisane

Sbahle and her father keep a father-daughter relationship and it’s evident that they have a strong bond. She was between 6 or 7 years old when she moved in with her stepmother Shaun Mkhize. Sbahle just like her father has decided not to talk about her biological mother publicly. She has never even shared a picture of her on her social media accounts.