Moozlie announces new collaboration with Steve Madden

Steve Madden and Moozlie are proud to announce a new collaboration, Moozlie Versus X Steve Madden Music.

This is a first of its kind in South Africa!

This announcement comes just a day before the highly anticipated release of Moozlie’s debut mixtape, Versus, which has already been a topic of great interest the whole week amongst her fans and music industry pundits.

Steve Madden launched the footwear label’s music program, Steve Madden Music in South Africa in late 2016. The global initiative dedicates itself to scouting, highlighting and supporting artists who unapologetically resonate within a unique sound.

“The first Steve Madden Music collaboration in South Africa is the purposeful choice of an artist who not only displays a versatile mix of musical talent but carries the fierce and fancy Steve Madden persona. Upon hearing of Moozlie’s interest in recording a mixtape, the potential to support and elevate her sound seemed undeniable. The co-creation of ‘Versus’ is spearheaded by Moozlie’s creative process and supported further by Steve Madden,” shares Sarah Vance, Steve Madden SA Marketing Manager.