A Simple Guide To Mobile App Marketing Services

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Sometimes when an idea pops in your mind about creating an app, there are times when you question that why should you even develop this app or when there are so many apps already in the market, why does it need one more app or what difference will it make, or does it even need to be out there in the market? Will the app even get noticed in this endless crammed sea of the apps?

This is where mobile app marketing services come to play their role in the market. It is common knowledge that the mobile app community is booming with apps recently, every day one or other app launches into the market. But, some of them actually get noticed by the people and are successful enough in reaching to the top of the ladder in the market. You might be wondering why only some of the apps get that recognition and only some in the thousands manage to come out and shine out.

Well, it basically depends on two factors. First being, the functionality and performance of the app & secondly, but not last it depends on the marketing techniques used for the app. Has the news of the launch of the app reached to the audiences? Do people even know that the app is out in the market and also what does the app even offers? Why should anyone download it?

Mobile App Marketing is all about interaction with the users through their complete lifecycle – from the moment they first have heard about your app to the time when they become the regular and complete loyal users of the app. To achieve this, you actually have to figure out who will be using your app, and target those specific users in order to receive 100% increment in downloads.

App User Acquisition

App developers find their audience by app user acquisition marketing. There are almost 3 million in Google play and up to 2 million apps in the apple store, thus making it tough to target specific users or for the potential users to find your app. That implies that the correct kind of app marketing can actually make a huge difference.

  • App Store Optimization – This process assists in making the app more visible in the app store. By optimizing the title & keywords & carefully choosing the app’s category, you can easily get the potential users to find or use the app in the crowded market.
  • Social Media Marketing – What is the best way of marketing any app? To advertise the apps on social media. Benefit? Not only you can easily target a larger audience but also you can target the potential audience – the right kind that will actually be interested in using the app. Although, if you are on an advertisement budget, it is highly suggested to out the highly target social media ads, that will more likely increase the number of downloads and adds the value to the app.

Mobile Engagement Marketing

  • Push Notifications – Push notifications are just like the normal messages you receive at the lock screen or home screen of your mobile, the only difference being that it is from one of the apps you have downloaded. It increases user interaction and helps in retaining the interests of the users. Push notifications have to be short and sweet and also tempting so that the user will tap on the notification and enter the app.
  • Push notifications increase the user engagement of the app.
  • More than 60% users with the help of push notifications, return back to the app almost within sixty days.
  • More than 50% of users have said to find push notifications actually useful.
  • In-App Messages – In-app messages are those that appear when you are actually using the app. You can use these messages to show off the product messages, give a modified advice or suggestion, confirming or purchase or request a review or mark in an app store.
      • There is four times increase in conversion.
      • This phenomenon has shown a 27% increase in the app launches.
      • It has also kind of improved mobile UX.

So, these are some of the app marketing services offered. Hope this helps!