MBA and its Role in Career Growth

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Some of the worth mentioning teaching pedagogy they have adopted are industry interactions, lectures by industry practitioners and subject matter experts, management games, technologically driven sessions, industry analysis and research, internships, study tours, conferences, knowledge symposiums, cultural fests, and student exchange programs.  It believes in the comprehensive development of students by providing them exposure to aspects of business life. It makes sure that the students are well trained to be managers with effective thinking and problem-solving skills and they strongly focus on training ethical business practices to develop value-driven managers. The main reason why MBAs are in high demand is because companies like Accenture, Infosys, and Microsoft, etc want to hire managers with an MBA. As the MBA candidates possess the analytical abilities and knowledge required to do the managerial jobs. Another reason is the vast spectrum of career opportunities you can choose from after completing the MBA, from marketing, advertising to finance one can choose a career as per their preference and area of interest. From helping financial advisors to attract clients to move into a management role in an MNC an MBA can choose anything. The consulting jobs highly demand an MBA due to their high analyzing skills which helps the clients to decide what is the best fit for them.  Asia-pacific region has the highest demand for MBA graduates. In India, 84% of companies are planning to hire fresh MBA graduates against last year 73%. Across the globe, around 54% of employers are likely to increase the salary package for MBAs and at least 96% of employers across the globe believe that MBA graduates create value for their companies. Going to business school gives you an edge over others in the competition. An MBA can also boost your career prospects and give your career the push that it needs. The only way to make sure that your career shapes up the way you have imagined is by pursuing the right field of expertise while studying for the MBA. Selecting the right career path and the right area of expertise is also a critical choice to make in order to pursue a career in the area of interest as an MBA.