Male Celebs Who Took Their Wives Last Name upon marriage

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John Ono Lennon, husband of Yoko Ono

John Ono Lennon, husband of Yoko Ono

When John Lennon and Yoko Ono married in Gibraltar in 1969, John Lennon wanted to change his name to honor his wife.

Instead of changing his surname, Lennon chose “Ono” as his middle name.

“For me, Yoko Ono transformed her name. For her, I’ve changed my. He said, “One for both, both for each other.”

“She has a ring on her finger. I have a ring on my finger. It gives us a total of nine ‘O’s, which is lucky. “10 isn’t a lucky number.”

This assertion by Lennon was somewhat false, as he and Yoko Ono Lennon did indeed have ten “O”s between them with his other middle name “Winston.”