Making summer fun… for the kids

Beach holidayEveryone loves summer.

The warm days, that seem endless… the large selection of cute outfits and the pressure to go out and do something.

But when you have kids, keeping them entertained, especially on a tight budget isn’t always easy.

Children are easily bored.

And when the sun is at it’s highest, a cranky, sweaty kid can be a parent’s worst nightmare.

So, what can you do to keep the little ones entertained?

Go to the beach

It’s free, and it’s fun!

Most children love the freedom of running on the beach and playing in the sand. Take some bucket and spades along and build sand castles as a family.

Be sure to stay safe, and wear loads of sunscreen!

Have a picnic

Whether you go somewhere far from home, or just lay down a blanket in the back yard, a picnic is always a winner.

Pack some treats and refreshments into a basket and go feast in nature.

Play outside

It is very simple.

Take a ball and kick it around with the kids, old school.

Technology has made us a large bunch of hermits who think relaxing means Netflix. Some good’ol vitamin D should do the family a whole bunch of good.

Make your own homemade slip n’ slide.

Roll of thick plastic sheeting..

Lubricant. …


Figure it out.

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