Tips To Make Your Pregnancy Enjoyable

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Pregnancy brings joy and happiness in many ways, when you are expecting your first baby then there are hundreds of questions that run through your head.

Make Your Pregnancy Enjoyable

With time, you learn what works for you. Although last pregnancies are said to be better than the first ones, every pregnancy holds its own beauty and challenges.

Women’s bodies are brilliantly created to go through all the pain. During the second trimester, many women experience pain in their groin and inner thigh, this is called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. The pain is not long-lasting and usually goes away after delivery. Pregnancy challenges a woman’s body and sometimes to their limits.

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However, Pregnancy doesn’t have to be boring. You can do several things other than stare at the calendar while counting weeks and days.

Here are a few tips to help you have the most enjoyable pregnancy possible.


You will only be able to enjoy your pregnancy by listening to your body and understand what it feels like to be low or deficient in certain things.

Iron, calcium, healthy fats, fibers, and all the basic nutrients should be kept balanced to prevent morning sickness, leg cramps, headaches, and varicose veins.

Dehydration accounts discomfort in pregnancy, so keep yourself hydrated all the time, keep a water bottle and note the intake per day.

Add green vegetables and fruits to your meal and eat small but frequent meals. Calcium, Vitamin D and Folic acid capsules are helpful too.


Many moms to be, feel confused when they are told to rest as much as they can, they mean well, but healthy pregnancy is about staying active. It is good not only for you but for the baby as well.

Exercise but don’t push yourself too hard, pay attention to your body and what it needs.

Gardening, cooking, baking, walking and doing anything that makes you happy will keep you active.


Stress is the last thing you need during pregnancy, don’t overthink anything. Strict eating guidelines will put you into a constant fear of overeating or undereating.

Treat yourself with a snack when you feel hungry, don’t wait for the timetable to tell you when to eat.


Nutritious food is what you should be eating during pregnancy, the first few months you might feel nauseated and wouldn’t feel like eating but that’s fine.

Every little bit counts when it comes to food during pregnancy, try to eat nutritious and real food when you feel nauseated.

Don’t force yourself to eat what your body can’t accept it. Cravings can be satisfied sometimes, but make sure not to overload yourself with junk.


During maternity, the wardrobe you keep should be very comfortable. It will make you feel good. A small and tidy wardrobe is also very helpful.

Keep your skin moisturized, get a haircut, a pedicure, and even a body massage — it will help you release the body tension.

During pregnancy, the hormones help to glow up the skin — make use of the mommy glow and take care of your skin.

Pregnancy tips can be found on Pinterest and other sites on the internet for some inspiration. Add a scarf to your outfit with minimal jewelry to look elegant.


Yoga videos can be found on the internet. There are yoga poses that you won’t be able to perform as you get bigger.

Pilates concentrates on strengthening the core muscle and overall wellbeing. Like yoga, it also helps to meditate and help you gain inner peace with fitness.

Join a yoga or Pilates class and enjoy this activity with a group or stay at home and perform these poses in solitude.

A well-known yoga instructor also recommends yoga for SPD.


Research shows that mothers who read books during pregnancy, tend to produce babies with higher IQ levels.

The effect of music on babies is soothing, babies also relax when the mother listens to her favorite music and have developmental outcomes.

Make your partner read books for you out loud, if you are a single parent do it by yourself.

Mothers also solve different mathematical quizzes during pregnancy, paint, sculpt and do other enjoyable stuff that not just make them happy, but it is beneficial for the baby’s active brain development.


Make it a habit and talk to your baby, remember the baby knows what the mommy sounds like and can recognize your voice.

While talking, put your hand on your tummy and gently massage it. This is a fun activity and has many benefits.

Babies respond by kicking back when you put your hand on your tummy, this develops a connection between you and the little person inside you.


During pregnancy, you have plenty of time to relax and watch a movie with your partner. Bring your favorite snacks and have a great time together.


During pregnancy, your friends and you can have fun by planning a sleepover at your place and cook food for them, if you can’t cook then it’s fine because the idea is to have fun, not food.

Discuss names for your baby with them even if in the end you are going name him/her yourself.


After delivery, many women complain about sleep deprivation which is a fact. In two years’ time, parents lose about 6 months of sleep hours.

When you feel tired, you should rest and sleep because the baby also needs some quiet time.

The sound inside a mother’s womb sounds louder than a vacuum cleaner and its quite loud inside.

You can sleep whenever you want as it is good for you, your body constantly expands and hormones make changes to it.

So you need hours of extra sleep to compensate for all the body goes through.


Pregnancy should be an enjoyable time for you so that you can share it with your child once they are born. It is important for you to be as happy as you can during this time since your mood affects the baby in various ways. Always remember to find ways to be happy instead of stressed.