Lychee Nutrition Facts

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About Lychee – The Fruit That Keeps You In The Pink! Cloaked in a pretty coat of pink and red, this refreshing, scrumptious fruit is the perfect summer treat. Lychee is a juicy tropical fruit that belongs to the soapberry family. The rough outer covering is inedible but once you peel it off, prepare to be won over by the lychee’s irresistible sweet white flesh and delicate scent.

You’re not wrong if you thought that this fruit was actually called leechi, or litchi.  In fact, those are just two alternate names from a list that includes laichi, lichu and lizhi! Did you know that this attractive fruit is documented to have been cultivated in China since 2000 B.C? Numerous traditions affirm that the Chinese Imperial Court considered lychees to be a delicacy. Well, all we can say is, the Chinese sure knew what was best for them!

Given that it has an addictive grape-like tangy and sweet flavor, it comes as no surprise that there are numerous lychee recipes to experiment with! For your benefit, Online Scoops has included tips for how to enjoy this aromatic fruit. Take the cue, and put your twist to these quick, easy recipes! Till then, take a look at this impressive list of lychee nutrition and health benefits.

Lychee Nutritional Information

Get ready to be overwhelmed by the spectacular mix of nutrients housed in the lychee’s delicate flesh. Lychee ranks high in its water content, with 100 grams of lychee containing 81.76 grams of water. Your body needs this moisture to function in an optimum and effective way. So what are you waiting for? Stock up on those Lychees right away!

Lychees also contain a generous helping of Vitamin C and dietary fiber. Vitamin C’s role as protective agent against various illnesses cannot be emphasized enough! And without dietary fiber, your digestive system would find it very taxing to work smoothly.

As far as minerals are concerned, lychees contain a substantial number of minerals including calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Phosphorous. Here’s something else that you should know: Lychees are not only low in sodium and saturated fats (the bad fats that your body can definitely do without), but are also completely cholesterol free!

Health Benefits Of Lychees

Strong Bones!

Be sure to include lychees to your children’s’ diet! The lychee contains calcium, phosphorus and magnesium which encourage teeth and bone fortification.

Protection Against Deadly Diseases – Including Cancer!

Lychees protect the body from diseases, including cancer! Research suggests that lychees contain a considerable quantity of oligonol. Oligonol is known to act not only as an anti-oxidant, but also as an anti-viral agent. Researchers claim that adding antioxidants to your diet promotes the presence of anti cancer substances in the body. Lychees are also believed to reduce the risk of tumors and swollen glands.

Powerhouse of Vitamins & Minerals!

 A rich source of vitamins and minerals:  Lychees are a tremendous resource of vitamin C and studies propose that a regular consumption of such fruits helps the body to build up a powerful resistance to infections and diseases. Lychees also contain B-complex Vitamins which help the body to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Promotes Heart Health!

Good for the heart: Lychees are an excellent source of Potassium. This mineral is a key component of various bodily chemicals that regulate the heart rate and maintain normal blood pressure. Regular intake of this mineral reduces the risk of various heart diseases and stroke.

Promotes Weight Loss!

Good for the weight watchers! Want to lose that extra flab but just don’t know how? We recommend that you start indulging in lychees right away! This delicious fruit has a low fat content. It’s time to dig into those fruit bowls ladies and gentlemen!

Gives You Radiant Skin!

Eat your way to healthy, glowing skin! Lychees contain compounds that nourish the skin by stimulating the production of natural oils needed to moisturize it and keep it looking fresh and radiant. These natural compounds also prevent the spread of acne and blemishes.

How to Enjoy Lychees

The allure of fresh, ripe lychees is undeniable. Crack the covering open, use your fingers to remove the seed from the core of the flesh and enjoy. It’s as easy as that!

Hosting a dinner party and don’t have time to make dessert? Whip up a banana and lychee pudding infused with coconut milk to make a quick, exotic sweet treat that not only looks good, but tastes great too! To top it all off, this dessert is actually quite healthy and low in fat. Whoever said that healthy eating was boring clearly didn’t know what they were talking about!

This delicate fruit can also be tossed into a bowl of tropical Thai salad to give it that added touch of sweetness. Or blend some fresh lychees with a few of your favorite fruits, add some water to the mix and drop in a few ice cubes. Beat the heat with this refreshing tropical fruit smoothie! 

Possible Health Concerns

This fruit is not suitable for people with gout or diabetes. Individuals with these diseases should limit their lychee consumption to small portions only. Here’s something that should be kept in mind while buying lychees: do not pick out the green skinned lychees. These lychees are unripe.