Look stunning while running

3. Choose comfortable, breathable and effective sportswear

effective sportswear
effective sportswear
In order to get the most out of your workout and running session, you need to feel comfortable and confident in your sportswear. With that said, forget about old baggy pants and shirts. In order to look stunning while running, you should definitely embrace the clothing fit that looks the best on your particular figure. Not to mention that the choice of a good-quality breathable material is a must, and especially in really warm countries with tropical climates. For instance, when you look for amazing women’s activewear in Australia, you should focus on the following features:
  • UV protection (UPF50)
  • Breathability
  • Quick Drying
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Increased Shape Retention
Of course, go for colors that you find the most flattering on your skin tone.

4. Make sure that your accessories are spot on

Obviously, you shouldn’t go overboard with accessorizing when it comes to your running style, but be it on the run or the gym, you shouldn’t feel too plain either. There are always ways to add personality and fun to a physical activity, which will make the whole effort more worth it. For instance, a colorful sports watch, sweatbands and maybe even rubber bracelets paired with delicate and tiny earrings as well as an interesting hair band/clip and a water bottle all make for some great accessories that will turn the whole workout and the actual outfit into a more exciting endeavor.

5. Use a proper deodorant

It’s essential that you find the right kind of deodorant to keep you fresh for longer. Obviously, a deodorant cannot prevent sweating completely (and it shouldn’t!) but an antiperspirant will minimize the sweat stains under your armpits, which will make you more comfortable. Also, the most important role of a deodorant is to prevent bad odor due to excessive sweating. With that said, make sure to go for the product that works with your body chemistry the best.