Learn These 7 Ways To Consume CBD

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There is a growing buzz about using CBD for its immense health benefits. Apart from having no worry about getting caught on the wrong side of the law, using CBD products has been proved to have various benefits to humans and pets. This wonder herb is helpful for sleep disorders, seizures, cancer, migraines, among other ailments. When considering taking the plunge to benefit from CBD review, here are the various ways to consume this herb.  

Consume CBD

Using a vaporizer

This is the most convenient way to use CBD oil. This requires a vape for inhaling the vapor after heating it. You have to get used to vaping and you can carry it everywhere. Additionally, the vape allows inhaling CBD much faster for an immediate effect making it the quickest way to get CBD into your bloodstream. Apart from the high effectiveness of vaping, it allows taking additional doses to get the desired effect. Another benefit of vaping is substituting cigarettes smoking which comes with harmful effects on the body. 


This requires using an oil rig similar to a water pipe. The rig works by heating the CBD oil chamber placed using a dabber. This transfers the oil from the container to the oil rig. Heat produces smoke for inhaling. This is a safe method to consume cannabis than smoking a joint, which introduces THC into your body. THC comes with psychoactive effect to make you high. Using an oil rig to smoke CBD introduces the highest concentration of the herb into your system. It is also a faster way to consume CBD while making it easy to manage your dosage. 

Placing under the tongue 

You can also consume GNC CBD oil  under the tongue using a dropper. This includes CBD oil extract infused in a carrier oil. The oil tincture comes in a tiny bottle like that of eye drops with a dropper for placing the oil under your tongue. You have to put a few drops under the tongue and hold it there for about 30 minutes before swallowing. This is a very discreet way to consume CBD while being highly effective to give you feelings of calmness and wellbeing.  

Sublingual consumption of CBD doesn’t require other accessories and the handy dropper is easy to use. You can take your dose of CBD without attracting attention while the dropper allows determining the right dose easier. The tinctures come with various ingredients including vegetable glycerin and artificial flavoring. This gives you the chance to select the right tincture for a long-lasting effect. 

Eating edibles

Another increasingly popular and fun way to consume cannabis is through ingesting beverages and food combined with CBD. Edibles are common in options including gummy candies, baked goods, and soft chews. Consuming CBD through edibles has a much longer digestive period compared to inhaling and don’t give a psychoactive effect. Edibles take about 1 or 2 hours for the effect to set in compared to vaping, which gives an immediate effect. The effect of consuming CBD edibles might last for several hours. 

CBD edibles have a longer lasting effect compared to other consumption options. In addition, there are endless ways to combine CBD into your food or beverage. The best thing is the ability to consume CBD in the most discreet way. However, great care is very important to ensure that you don’t put in too much and to mind how many edibles you consume since the effect takes some time to come. 

Placing it on the skin

This is a topical way to enjoy the immense benefits of CBD. It requires placing CBD in the form of sunscreen, soft gel, and lotion on the skin. It is the easiest method to consume CBD  and it requires no accessories or knowledge to use. You just have to pick the right amount to put on your skin. It is an effective solution to relieve ailments such as migraines, sore muscles, and acne using CBD. Applying the lotion on the sore area or on the temple for migraine will give you relief. Direct application of CBD on the skin works for chronic pain relief and has mild effects compared to other methods of consumption. 

Through spraying

The wonderful benefits of CBD are not for just humans. This herb has proved to be very helpful for pets  as well. You can give CBD to your dog or cat for ailments like anxiety, pain, and convulsions. Using CBD for pets is through specially made pet CBD sprays. This is easy to use solution to help your pet get relief from the ailments by introducing it to CBD. 


As one of the most effective alternative drug today, it is high time you incorporated CBD into your whole family’s health regiment. Fortunately, there are various ways to consume CBD including edibles, under the tongue, and placing it directly on the skin. You just have to choose the most appropriate option to meet your situation and ailment.