Latest Wedding Trends for Fall 2019

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Couples are trying harder and harder to create a unique wedding. Planning a wedding and purchasing satisfactory engagement rings Philippines( sounds so tough. So, if you want to stay on trend during your fall wedding and create a lovely celebration that will be worthy to grace the pages of magazines, here are some of the biggest fall 2019 trends to put on your wish-list.

Interesting bridal dresses

First up are super fun polka dots—expect to see them all over bridal runways in 2019. They add not only fun to any wedding, but also contribute to a strong romantic and flirty look. If you want something unconventional, seek an asymmetrical design with slanted hemlines or one-shoulder look.

Brides who want to look very modern can choose a two-piece wedding dress (a form of a crop-top dress). If that’s totally not your cup of tea, you can step back in time and opt for a dress that came straight out of a royal court. Think large ruffs, night necklines and tight corsets. All in all, Victorian-inspired look will be perfect for a more traditional wedding or a very romantic affair that will allow you to feel like Marie Antoinette for one day at least!

Natural makeup

Heavy contour is passé. So, if you still want to be trendy, opt for a natural sun-kissed look with some bronzer and highlighter (or have a pre-honeymoon trip and catch a nice tan). For years now, every piece of makeup had to be matte, but this fall is all into glossy this and glossy that. So, a touch of shimmer will feel right at home on your lips, lids or both! This minimalistic bridal look might seem easy to pull off, but you’ll still need professional help. Luckily, you can always find wedding makeup services online with only a few clicks. There are databases of amazing artists on the Internet, you just have to go through their portfolios and find a pro that fits your needs. Sometimes, things are really that simple!

Classic three-piece suits for grooms

For years in the past, grooms opted for fun Converse trainers or loose-fitting shirts for the ceremony. However, in 2019, grooms will be all suited up and sporting their best three-pieces! Men wedding style is sharper than ever. Think fitted designs, breathtaking patterns and high-quality fabrics perfect for chilly fall weather. Once the formal part of the wedding is over, he can ditch the jacket and push the sleeves for that cool and relaxed vibe.

Lush cakes

Thanks to Instagram, we can see some truly amazing cakes every day, but you can expect fall 2019 to be really crazy and full of opulent desserts. Royal piping, metallic accents and even personalized monograms and family sigils will be featured on this year’s cakes. Since textures are so big in every part of design today, cakes are no different with rippled icing, sugar flowers and other highly textured elements.

Scented weddings

Scented weddings

Candles are not a new wedding addition. For years they have been used to enhance the romantic atmosphere, but more and more guests are trying to create a full fantasy with their favorite scents. By creating their signature scent, they can get a full scented memory that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Green weddings

Since Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan put eco-friendliness high on their list of wedding priorities, more and more civilians are adopting the same mindset. So, make your fall wedding as green as possible with foam-free flower installations, ethically made attire and locally sourced cake ingredients. Additionally, fill your venue with greenery instead of plastic decoration. Thing organic centerpieces created with branches, flowers, foliage and even driftwood. Florals for the entire event will be very whimsical, interesting and romantic.

With this many trends, you’ll have no issues choosing something that will fit your mutual styles and result in a wonderful celebration and gorgeous photos!