Kovac: Frankfurt in a better shape now than last year

Ahead of his second full season in charge at Eintracht Frankfurt, Niko Kovac believes that the squad is better prepared than they were at the same time last year.

The Croatian manager, who took the club from narrowly avoiding relegation in 2015/16 to the security of an 11th-placed finish last season, hailed his players’ commitment to getting themselves back into shape.

“Very good,” he said of the training camp which was held in the Swiss city of Gais. “We were able to work in excellent conditions, there was rain on the very first day only.

“The premises were great and we did everything we had planned to do. The players worked really hard and showed good attitude.”

The 45-year old was also asked how the club’s new signings are integrating into the Frankfurt squad.

“Also very well,” he stated. “It is not a big deal to integrate new players, I have experienced that many times myself. We had a team evening where all the new guys performed some singing and dancing, that was great fun.

“We want to improve the performance level of each and every player in the team. I think we did good in that respect last season. Our overall level is lower than at other clubs but we have space for improvement still.

“Compared to last year in Gais at this stage we have improved and are on a higher level. We worked with the regular players for a year now – of course the new players need to settle in as quickly as possible.

“That will not happen within a month but we are getting there. I do think we improved on the quality with the players we signed; but we also lost some really good players.

“We will have to assemble a team that will stay together for the next two three years at least,” he added.