Klopp: With a bit of luck we can win the title

Jurgen Klopp has laid down the gauntlet to the rest of the Premier League challengers by suggesting Liverpool can claim top honours this season.

The former Bundesliga double title winner has steadily improved the strength of his squad in the off-season with the signings of Dominic Solanke from Chelsea, Mohamed Salah from Roma and Hull City’s Andrew Robertson.

Having ended their 2016/17 campaign in fourth place, Klopp feels his side have improved sufficiently to win the title.

He said: “We will be playing for the championship. We don’t start a season by not having any ambitions.”

Klopp admitted that while he had the same aspirations last term, it was always going to be a challenge in his first full season at the club.

“We have to have our goals. That’s what we did last season. We aimed for the top, and we finished fourth. But I think we have a very good team now.

He added: “We did have a bit of bad luck last season. I think we can play a little bit better. Let’s hope everything will work very well and that there isn’t much more to improve. We have to work very hard on it and we’re doing that.”

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