SABC2 – Keeping Score Teasers December 2017 (January 2018 )

Keeping Score Teasers December 2017 – Upcoming Telemundo drama series ‘Keeping Score’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for December 2017.

Coming up on Keeping Score this December 2017:

Monday 18 December 2017
Episode 123

The Game of Their Lives

Justice wakes to find Mmamosa in his bed, suggesting that intimacy might jog his memory. He refuses and insists that she brings Tladi.

Lehasa uncovers Mmamosa’s plot to sell the gym and bans her from ASA and revokes her voting rights. After a failed gym session, Tladi challenges Alex to explain his strategy but all Alex does is frustrate Tladi.

Tuesday 19 December 2017
Episode 124

Body Check

Warona’s attempt to disguise herself as Anna to jog Justice’s memory doesn’t work and Mmamosa hauls her over the coals. Lehasa tries to get Tladi to see Justice, but Tladi is reluctant.

Warona gives Botho Anna’s old box, and Ashanti returns from America. Alex struggles to get the athletes to accept fencing and there is tension between him and Jin Jai. Ashanti visits Justice who thinks she is Anna.

Monday 25 December 2017
Episode 125

Fast Track

Mmamosa tries to seduce Justice again. Warona finds an old voodoo doll of Anna’s and puts a spell on Mmamosa. Ashanti suggests to Botho they steal Mmamosa’s bedsheets to find out who their father is. Tladi is taking MMA to a new level.

Tuesday 26 December 2017
Episode 126

For the Love of the Game

Moshidi explains her merger offer to Lehasa, who then takes it to Botho and Warona. Mmamosa and Justice finally consummate their relationship. Alex takes the athletes to ESI to use the pool where Tongai flourishes.