How to Keep Your Car Mats Clean in Winter

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There’s nothing worse than water damage and dirt buildup on your car mats. Winter weather can really take a toll on your vehicle. Protect the interior of your vehicle with custom seat covers and these car mat cleaning tips.

Choose the Right Mat Type

Before winter strikes, choose the right mat type to avoid the worst effects of road salt and slush collecting on your floorboards. A carpet floor mat may be comfortable in the summer, but it’s not going to protect your vehicle this winter. Remove your carpet mat or simply place a custom rubber mat on top of it for water, salt and ice protection.

A high-quality mat should not only be made of a durable, wipeable material, but should also offer you a precise fit. Don’t settle with generic mats, or you’ll end up with leaks around your rubber mat. Invest in a quality mat designed for your make and model of vehicle.

Frequently Remove Garbage and Debris

Whether you frequently eat and drink in your car or not, it’s easy to let garbage, dirt and debris build up in your car’s interior. Empty food wrappers, muddy boot prints and other debris can make it difficult to easily clean the interior of your car. By leaving your floor mats and seats clear, it’s easy to wipe off and vacuum your floor mats.

Clean Your Car’s Interior

Once you’ve removed the garbage and debris, thoroughly clean out your car’s interior. Your floor mats may be the most obvious area of dirt and slush, but your seats, dashboard, steering wheel and other surfaces collect dust as well. Routine cleaning and maintenance can prevent rust, water stains or other issues from damaging your car’s interior. Not only are water stains unpleasant, over time they can rust your floorboards.

Prevent Dirt and Snow From Entering Your Vehicle

Tired of cleaning your car constantly? Prevent dirt, snow and slush from entering your vehicle in the first place. First, be sure to shake snow off your coat before entering your car. Knock your boots off as best as you can to prevent slush and ice from accumulating on your floor mats.

The latest all weather car covers prevent snow from accumulating on the exterior of your vehicle. Whether you slide a cover on while you’re at work or use it for overnight street parking, your durable car cover will prevent your exterior from exposure to snow and road salt.

Choose an interior cover to prevent dust accumulation in your garage. Even the cleanest heated garage still has dust, and dust collection on your vehicle can affect your paint job and enter your vehicle, causing the interior to be dusty as well.

Shop for the Excellent Winter Protection Today

Keep your vehicle protected from the worst of winter weather, both inside and out. Shop for the best outdoor car cover today and follow these steps to protect the interior of your car. From floor mats to a routine vacuuming schedule, these simple tips and tricks will keep your vehicle safe and well maintained all winter long.