Juniper Berries Nutrition Facts

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Juniper Berries
Juniper Berries

About Juniper Berries – A Singlehanded Remedy to It All! When talking about super nutritious foods, berries are one of the first foods that come to mind. Scientific research has revealed that berries are overflowing with one of the most powerful health weapons – antioxidants! One such berry that can give you a bucket load of antioxidants is the underdog berry – Juniper Berry!

Juniper Berry is not exactly an actual fruit, rather the cone of the juniper plant.  Juniper Berry is most widely used in England as a flavoring element to a list of dishes. However, it is more widely known for being the key component in the making of gin, and also for its undying list of therapeutic benefits that extended towards various ailments!

Juniper Berries have an interesting range of flavors. They are somewhat bitter with a subtle element of spice – unique in taste to say the least. They are used in a variety of dishes to obtain a sharp, clear flavor. This purple-blue, violet, or blackish brown fruit has been extensively used as a healing agent since ancient Greek and Arab times.

Juniper Berry Nutritional Information

Juniper berries consists of a multitude of nutrients. The berry comprises of 10% resin and 2% Volatile Oil, along with Protein. Moreover, Juniper Berries are a god source of Flavanoids and Vitamin C.

Health Benefits of Juniper Berry

Juniper berry is a versatile fruit in its contribution to therapeutic benefits.

Healthy Kidneys!

Juniper berries are most famous for their tremendously powerful effect on the kidneys. They help clear out the uric acid from our bodies and are a miracle worker with urinary tract infections. They also contribute to faster, better working kidneys, and aid substantially in the making of urine, acting as an excellent diuretic.

What Digestive Problems?

Juniper berries can be your best friends when it comes to digestion problems! They aid digestion by reducing Colic and Flatulence acids. Moreover, as a digestive agent, it has the capability to increase appetite, relieve gas and boost gastric acid production! Additionally, they can relieve problems such as heart burn, bloating and belching.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties!

These classic berries serve as anti-inflammatory agents. This characteristic is of great assistance to those individuals who suffer from arthritis, gout and may help reduce the instance of cardiovascular disease in addition to cancer prevention. Joint related problems such as Arthritis tend to spring from fluid retention around the joints – however, Juniper berries tend to have diuretic properties that can help rectify this problem.

Treatment To Skin Ailments!

Juniper berries are excellent when it comes to treating skin ailments such as acne, athlete’sfoot, dandruff etc., with local application.

Good For PMS!

Juniper berries are your comfort food when it comes to menstrual cramps. As per scientific research, Juniper Berries are highly efficient in relieving menstrual cramps, uterus toning, and helping those with late or slow starting periods.

Controls Blood Sugar

Juniper berries consist of high level of insulin which has the property of healing pancreas related troubles and diabetes.

Contains Antiseptic Properties

Juniper berries are known for their antiseptic nature, which can help kill fungi, yeasts and bacteria!


Juniper berry is considered to be an excellent blood purifier and an internal system cleanser! It cleans out toxic waste from the body, making it more effective in fighting diseases and infections.

Juniper Essential Oils!

There is a list of benefits associated with juniper essential oils! This essential oil is known to have innumerable healing qualities including;

  1. Juniper oil is highly effective when it comes to arthritis, muscle aches, gout, oily skin, acne and increase in toxin levels.
  2. Nerve tension, stress and anxiety can also be treated using juniper berry oil in aromatherapy.
  3. Juniper is by far considered the best for treating urinary stones, cystitis, and pyelitis in aroma therapy.
  4. Concentrated juniper oil can work wonders when it comes to respiratory problems. It is highly efficient in treating lung congestions and coughs as well. Moreover, it aids in clearing up the bronchial passages and cleaning built up mucus.
  5. Relieve tooth aches.
  6. Prevent hair fall.
  7. Relieves muscle cramps, arthritis, rheumatoid etc.
  8. Juniper oil also provides psychological relieve especially when used in aromatherapy. It helps release stress and calms down mental vibrations, easing the mind and in turn relaxing us both psychologically and physically.

Possible Ways to Enjoy Juniper Berries

Want to reduce the fatty content of that duck you’ve got cooking, that pork you’ve got roasting or want to perk up that bread stuffing? Use juniper berries. A hint of juniper of juniper can accentuate the flavor of such strong meats almost instantaneously!

Juniper berries can be dried and crushed and used as a herb in a host of dishes. They go particularly well with thyme, sage, oregano, bay leaves and the likes!

Possible Health Concerns

The consumption of juniper berries should be avoided in case of existing kidney problems, which can get aggravated. Consuming more than a desired amount can also lead to certain implication such as diarrhea, high blood pressure, faster heartbeat and discolored urine. Another concern with juniper berries is that it can cause uterus spasms which can decrease fertility; hence, women who are trying to get pregnant should not eat these berries. Also, diabetics should avoid usage as it can increase glucose levels and further the problem.