Jackfruits Nutrition Facts

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About Jackfruits – A Striking Addition to Your Diet! Jackfruits are tropical oddities that are quite a treat to eat. This large fruit has a tough, green protective coating which acts as a shield for the numerous fleshy yellow pods stored on the inside. We commented on the Jackfruit’s size for a reason: The Jackfruit is officially the ‘World’s largest fruit’! It can weigh up to 80 pounds! That’s quite a feat, don’t you agree?

The inside of a Jackfruit is composed of a multitude of juicy pods which can be consumed in their raw, fresh form, or cooked. If you’re wondering what the fruit tastes like, well, it falls in the same flavor category as the pineapple: sweet but with a slight infusion of tartness.

Jackfruits, when ripe, feature appealing yellow flesh and a strong fragrance. Unripe Jackfruits have pods that are colored in shades of green, and a lack of scent that is very hard to miss. When buying Jackfruits, look for the ones that emit a strong, sweet scent!

Jackfruits – Nutritional Information

There’s more to the Jackfruit than just a lofty title acknowledging its large size. In fact, the Jackfruit features a priceless inventory of innumerable vitamins and minerals!

165 grams of Jackfruit contains, among other essential vitamins, 18% of Vitamin C and 10% of Vitamin A. Phytonutrients are highly coveted substances that have a plethora of acknowledged health benefits. Jackfruits are rich sources of three, highly significant phytonutrients, namely lignansisoflavones and saponins.

If milk and other dairy products do not suit your palate, we have good news for you: Jackfruits can help you fulfill your daily requirement of calcium! Apart from calcium (6%), Jackfruits also contain a substantial quantity of iron (6%), the mineral that forms the base constituent of the oxygen-carrying red blood cells in your body.

And there’s more! To keep your digestive system absolutely disease-free, Jackfruits pack a healthy punch by delivering 11% of dietary fiber to your body. 

Jackfruit – Health Benefits

Let’s explore how the aforementioned nutrients translate into health benefits that keep your body in top form!

Unparalleled Cancer Protection!

Three powerful phytonutrients (Lignans, isoflavones and saponins), form a formidable alliance with vitamin C to protect the body from the damaging effects of free radical agents. Free radicals, if allowed to flourish unchecked, can cause severe cellular damage which, among other things can lead to cancer and grave degenerative diseases!

For Beautiful Skin and Shining Eyes!

Jackfruits are an excellent source of vitamin A. Research indicates that vitamin A prevents age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma from attacking the eyes. These diseases can lead to a permanent loss of eyesight, thus it is crucial to eat food items that contain enough Vitamin A to combat them.

Phytonutrients, apart from keeping the body safe from cancer, also act as anti-aging compounds that promote smooth, youthful skin and reduce the probability of wrinkle formation!

An Excellent Immunity Booster!

We’ve all been troubled, at some point in our lives, by the common cold, fever and other equally distressing ailments. We would gladly eliminate even the slightest possibility of falling prey to these illnesses. And with the help of Jackfruits, we surely can! By carrying a rich store of Vitamin C, Jackfruits provide the perfect protection from these illnesses! Vitamin C is a natural and very powerful immunity booster. It augments the actions of the body’s own disease fighters and prevents disease causing agents from attacking your body.

For That Extra Dose of Energy!

Jackfruits contain simple sugars such as fructose and sucrose that the body can utilize immediately for added energy production. Revitalize your body with a helping of freshly sliced Jackfruit! Here’s an additional tidbit of information about the Jackfruit: It is wholly free of unhealthy saturated fats and bad cholesterol!

Excellent for Your bones!

Jackfruits are splendid sources of calcium and magnesium, both of which are essential to the process of bone fortification. We all know that calcium is good for the bones, but did you know that it is actually magnesium that promotes the absorption of calcium by the bones? Without magnesium, the benefits of calcium would never be obtained! Together, these two nutrients strengthen your bones, improve bone density, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

Possible Ways to Enjoy Jackfruits

Before we dive into any Jackfruit recipes, let’s deal with the question of how to cut the fruit open without creating a mess. Jackfruits can be a bit sticky, so wear latex gloves when cutting them open. A well sharpened knife should be used to cut the fruit in the center. Extract the fruit pods and remove the slimy clusters sticking to the pods.

Now that you how to extract the fruit pods, learn how to incorporate them into these quick and easy Jackfruit recipes! Whip up a batch of wholesome Jackfruit pancakes by simply adding blended Jackfruit to your pancake batter, or toss ripe tomatoes, onions, fresh ginger and coconut cream into a bowl of blanched Jackfruit cubes to make a quick and easy Jackfruit salad!
Ready to spice up your summer with an exotic Jackfruit smoothie? Blend chopped Jackfruit with yoghurt and milk, add sugar if you so desire, add a few ice cubes and relish this delectable drink!

Possible Health Concerns

Jackfruits do not have any documented health risks or side effects.