Is Your Pond Losing Water? Here’s Why

A drop in the pond water level is very worrying. It is important to discover the source of the problem before things get out of hand. Keep in mind that there is a 5 percent chance of a leak in your pond. Therefore, you have to understand the other reasons that might be causing the drop in water level. Let’s go over them so you can accurately diagnose what might be causing water to disappear in your pond. 
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This is harder to detect but the most significant cause of water level drop in a pond. The extent might be about an inch weekly. This depends on the time of the year and pond location in your outdoors. Exposure of your pond to direct sunlight leads to high evaporation rates. Placing your pond in a shade is a solution to minimize evaporation. This requires locating a nice spot with shade when building the pond.  You can always top up the water in your pond using a hosepipe. However, don’t do this often since tap water might introduce chlorine in the pond water. So, consider adding some little water every day. Doing this requires using a rose attachment to a hose to create a sprinkling effect instead of pouring. This might burn some of the chlorine before it enters your pond. Alternatively, you can use an over the counter product that removes chlorine from tap water.

Leaking pump

It is very important to invest in a quality outdoor water fountain pump  that won’t degrade with time. Pumps made with brittle plastic are likely to degrade over time leading to cracks and splits creating leaks in the joints. Pumps that leaks should always be fixed or replaced immediately to lessen chances of further leaks. Fortunately, a quality pump will last longer without chances of leaks that might lead to water reduction in your pond.