Intuitive Eating

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Intuitive Eating
Battling against an eating disorder can be quite a daunting task. A large percentage of people wanting to lose weight often struggle to do it. You can also read a lot of samples about food by And sometimes some end up gaining more weight rather than losing it. Most of the time, dieting doesn’t work because it is not our initiative but rather societal pressure. Intuitive eating involves being attentive to the body, laying aside all diet rules, and getting the satisfaction you need. Intuitive eating includes the following principles.
  • Rejecting the diet mentality
  • Eat when hungry
  • Eat all kinds of food
  • Challenge the food stereotypes out there
  • Don’t eat too much
  • Figure out what gives you satisfaction
  • Exercise
  • Put your health first
While dieting forces us to stop taking some foods, intuitive eating, on the other hand, encourages us to eat food that makes our bodies comfortable.

Listening to your body

A common misconception is that intuitive eating implies eating everything you come across at any moment. However, with intuitive eating, you should eat more when hungry and avoiding foods that make your body uncomfortable. It’s not all about abandoning nutrition, but rather tuning it to your body’s needs.  It becomes a struggle for those that are coming out of dieting. It also becomes a real struggle going back to the restricted food. It then implies that you have to go through your list of banned foods and try them out till they feel neutral. Research shows that when we have an option to eat anything, children naturally eat the nutrients their bodies need.

Is it possible to lose weight through intuitive eating?

Losing weight will not work in intuitive eating because it gives you the freedom to eat anything and honor your cravings. As you continue with intuitive eating, you will realize that freedom gives you a certain sense of joy, and the desire to lose weight grows weaker. Your want for a good relationship with healthy food will be bigger than the shackles of dieting.