Intuitive Eating

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How to start

Every task always looks easy on paper, but the reality is often different. The simple principle is, eat when hungry and stop when full. However, most of us often ignore our body signals. Trying to reconnect with our bodies will initially be uncomfortable and may seem foreign. For a start, you need to get rid of all mentality concerning food rules. You sometimes dare to eat after the stipulated times and other times not eat at all. Then listen to what the body needs. If you want some bread, then get some bread. It is also ok to eat the same food more than once a day.

Intuitive eating helps you get rid of food biases

It allows you to try out all food and feel how they impact your body. You get to eat all kinds of food that you wouldn’t otherwise have eaten. When your mind and body are free from those chains of dieting and all eating rules, you will be able to eat without feeling ashamed. However, with time the cravings become neutral, you find yourself in the presence of food, and end up not eating it at all. Sometimes you will carry some snacks of confectionery in your bag, only to realize you came back home without touching them. In conclusion, intuitive eating can get your life back on track. You no longer need to worry about the calories, sugars, and fats you consume, but rather eat with some comfort. When you listen to your body and eat what it needs, the body will equally respond and get in shape on its own. Remember, eat when hungry and stop when you are full.