Increasing Web Traffic in 2021: Learn Five Digital Marketing Techniques

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  • Begin your blog with a question or story to capture the reader’s attention. You can also share an informative insight relevant to the blog’s topic. 
  • Create a buyer persona to determine your ideal reader. 
  • Pick a topic that solves an existing problem or covers a trendy topic to entice audiences. 
  • Ensure the blog is shareable so that people are sharing it on social media. 
  • Always proofread the article and check if it appeals to the readers. 

Don’t Overlook Mobile Devices 

Nowadays, mobile traffic accounts for half of the web traffic worldwide. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you would be missing out on a massive chunk of the audience. In short, you will experience a huge traffic loss. Therefore, work on your site’s mobile-friendliness and eliminate the zoom in and out problems to offer an excellent user experience. Similarly, code your mobile site on the HTML and define all categories for straightforward navigation.  If you have lead magnets or any advertisement pop-ups on the website, avoid them. They might look fine on desktop but annoys mobile phone users. Above all, work on your site’s responsiveness to ensure the content adjusts with the screen size. Google sees mobile optimization as a potential ranking factor, improving your webpage’s rankings. 

Aim for Featured Snippets 

With increasing competition, generating organic traffic is becoming more challenging. Luckily, a featured snippet can come in super handy. It is a ‘selected search result’ that features on top of the results page. It answers the searcher’s query in a separate answer box, offering additional brand exposure. As a result, you get more clicks, traffic, and leads for the business. Hence, don’t miss out on this opportunity and optimize your site for snippets. Let us explain how. 
  • Use bullet points or numbering lists in your blogs.  
  • Add some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to your blog and keep the answers short. 
  • Dig into analytical tools and find what kind of questions your audiences ask. It will help you generate content that answers those questions. 
  • Lastly, divide your content into different steps or subheadings. 

Final Words 

Despite all the digitalization, marketers still find SEO challenging and tricky. Indeed, the evolving regulations can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to complicate things. Generating content, creating links, and optimizing your website can streamline your marketing campaign. Likewise, mobile optimization and the right choice of keywords can also improve visibility. These tactics can notably boost rankings, website clicks and create an influx of traffic on the page.