Increasing Web Traffic in 2021: Learn Five Digital Marketing Techniques

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Prioritize User Intent 

There is always an intent behind every Google search. Some people are looking for information, while others have the intention to make a purchase. Before drawing up strategies, it is essential to understand the purpose behind the search and then prepare content. After all, if your content doesn’t provide what users are looking for, it leads to a bad user experience. And Google has algorithms to detect poor user experience, decreasing your webpage rankings. If you are uncertain about user intent, have a look below. Here are some tips to satisfy user intent. 
  • Use a three-way approach for your content marketing strategy. You can create three types of content – navigational, informational, and transactional to accommodate different user intents. 
  • Put more emphasis on the topic that drives traffic to your page. For instance, if people searched for ‘weight loss tips,’ talk more about it instead of advertising your gym services. 
  • Produce relevant content that aligns with your audiences’ interests and business niche. 
The purpose of prioritizing intent is solely to boost satisfaction. Once Google detects people have a great experience, it will crawl up your page on the top results, increasing traffic. 

Start Blogging 

You might have heard this infinite times, but ‘content’ is the king, and without it, your marketing strategies remain incomplete. After all, what else would drive more traffic than content? In addition to increasing your organic reach, blogs can help with your link building campaign. You can add backlinks to your site and generate loads of referral traffic. Besides this, you would get to cover various keywords – short and long-tail ones, getting more eyeballs on the website.  However, blogging will fail to generate results if your content can’t engage users. With boring opening lines and repetitive introductory paragraphs, the users won’t waste a minute hitting the back button. So, how can you write creative and interactive blogs? Have a look below.